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A fail-safe solution for user worked crossings

The Vamos is based on the innovative and very successful FlexTechnology for Level Crossing Systems developed
by Schweizer Electronic. It has been especially designed for the requirements of Enhanced User Worked Crossings
(EUWC). The Flex Technology is entirely built from industrial standard components, optimized for lowest
life cycle cost and completely free of any obsolescence problem. Due to these unique advantages, the certified
and approved SIL4 (homologated in Switzerland and Germany) Flex Technology is the currently most installed
system in Switzerland.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • Unmistakable user interface (red/green)
  • Minimized LCC
  • Life-time maintenance free
  • Maximized reliability
  • Just-in-time warning at an accuracy to the
    split second
  • Independent from existing signalling
    system (no interference)
  • Modular concept and plug-and-play
    functionality for installation
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Product range of Railway Crossings

Flex Technology

Flex Product Family - Overview

Flex Control - Level crossing control system

Flex Drive - Barrier machine

Flex Barr - Barrier

Flex Led - LED-Signaling device

Flex Ray - Area monitoring

Flex Life - Diagnostic system