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Generic, flexible and freely scalable system platform

The flex level crossing system is more than just another LX type. In fact, flex is a generic system platform specifically designed to be applied for ALL variations of different LX applications. The flex level crossing system is very flexible in its functionality and freely scalable. Therefore, the system can be easily adapted to the specific LX specifications for each country and for all kinds of railway operations.

flex - Product family and examples of use

The very high flexibility of the  flex level crossing system is mirrored in a broad variety of different applications. The enumeration/links below shows a selection of some of the most common applications:

flex basic - Example of use
flex micro - Example of use
flex temp - Example of use
iflex - Example of use

Across a broad area of applications and various configurations of the flex product family, the systems still works on just one common, generic system platform. No matter whether it is a very simple user worked crossing (UWC) or a more complicated LX requirement, the hardware, soft- flex-System V 1.0 E ware, spare parts, and maintenance are always very similar or even equal. This simplifies the operation of the flex level crossing system over an entire railway network and greatly reduces costs.

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