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The traffic volume on the street and the network load on rails increase continuously and therefore the risk for an accident on unsecure level crossings. The level crossing control flex temp compensate the time until the final re-construction of a level crossing is done. The secure passages can be used as well on fairs, sport events or after environmental incidents. Schweizer Electronic offerts an effective solution for a quick temporary protection of level crossings!

Application area 1

Temporary protection of level crossings


The optimized product flex temp can be used until a damaged level crossing is re-build after an environmental incident or traffic accident. Or if the level crossing is used only temporary.

Technical data

  • Type of railway business All operation modes
  • Type of facility Flash light with control signals
  • Type of tracks single or double-way tracks
  • Control unit flex Control unit of signal post
  • Signalization against traffic 2 flash lights or  2 signals red/yellow; 2 St.Andrews crosses; 1 acustical signal
  • Control unit against railway2-4 control lights, connection with an existing train protection on request.
  • Activation by the trainsWith treadles, additional activations on request
  • Mains supply 230 VAC 50/16.7 Hz
  • Operational voltage 24 VDC
  • Autonomous time Min. 6.5 h
  • Failure indication SMS / Email
  • Cables Cable for surface line
  • Norms by CENELECEN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50128 / SIL3

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