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flex life is a very powerful system for diagnostic, alarming, logging and operation of flex level crossing systems and can be used in different variations based on customer needs. Due to the wide range of functions of flex life the operators of flex level crossing systems are supported optimal over the whole system life cycle. and the Life cycling costs (lcc) can be minimised.

flex life - Diagnostic system
flex life - Diagnostic system
flex life - Diagnostic system - scheme
flex life - Diagnostic system - scheme

Internal Self Diagnostic

All relevant functions regarding security and reliability of flex level crossing systems are monitored continuously or latest at each train run with the internal self diagnostic function and all inconsistancies are detected immediately. Periodically manual mesurements, tests, configurations or adjustments are therefore not necessary over the whole life period of a system.
Detected errors or disruptions of the system are locally non-volatile stored and shown on the display immediately as text message. For the optimal support of the operating staff all message are fully displayed to indicate immediately the failure cause. The displayed messages can be configured based on customers needs and nomenclatures.
Beside the display of the message flow the information allows the distinguish between error (F) and disruption (S) and distinguish between incoming (+) and outgoing (-) messages, f.i. for errors which are no longer available at the point of time of the intervention.

Example of messages of flex life
Example of messages of flex life



The error detection of flex life works not only locally but also remote. The concept of flex life is consiouslybased on existing and established telecommunication standards like GSM, GSM-R, TCP/IP and expects only already well known medias like SMS, Email, Fax, PDF, etc. at the railway companies. Therefore neighter for the operation nor for the maintenance are necessary special hardware or software devices. The flex life is designed open and supports the data exchange with higher leveled systems. The alarm messages displayed by flex life are identical with the locally displayed, which means, that the alarms exist of full information text messages to identify the disruption. Th immediate alarming in clear text reduces the reaction time and guarantees the fastest recovery time possible.

flex life - Alarming concept
flex life - Alarming concept



flex life consists of an internal „black-box“ function to log automatically the whole system operation. Beside an unlimited storage for all irregularities of the system (errors and disruptions) all regular processes and system events are continuously automatically logged. All external triggers, internal switching operations and all regular operations are logged for in minimum tree weeks in a circular buffer. Therefore all kind of events can be backtraced without a gap.
The logging files are stored locally and unchangeable. They can be exported and analyzed in table or text format via USB interface or optional via remote monitoring.

flex life - System protocol
flex life - System protocol



flex life - Diagnostic system
flex life - Diagnostic system

To comfirm flex life as complete user interface it can also be used to operate the device. It can be distinguished between two kind of operations: all operations in the context of diagnostics as well as not-security related changes can be done directly on the touch-screen of the system (website functionality).
For regular operation and security related changes independant hardware components are available (see photo). Therefore flex life can be isolated logically and galvanically for operation and security of the system..



Advantages of flex life

  • Automatic self diagnostic of all relevant functions
  • Therefore no manual tests and mesures necessary
  • Realtime failure detection, local and remote
  • Short reaction time in case of an event
  • Shorter maintenance time due to clear information of the disruption event
  • Quick recovery of the system availability
  • Usage of exisiting telecommunication infrastructure
  • Usage of existing HW and SW therefore no investment request
  • Usage of common and established media like SMS, Email, etc. therefore no education costs
  • All options are open to interface with higher-leveled centralized diagnostic systems


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