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The newest LED technology (Power-LED) will be used for the innovative system platform flexflex led is the first LED electrical light signal on two channels for light signals on level crossings. LED lights have a very long life time, high energy efficiency and high reliability. Maintenance free flex led will be continuously and automatically monitored over the whole life cycle. Partial failures of LED light per channel will be recognized and immediately announced. This increases the availability of the system and allowes controlled interventions.

flex led - LED electrical light signal
flex led - LED electrical light signal
flex led - 4 Power LED
flex led - 4 Power LED

Application area

flex led will be used as light signal for level crossings

Track side signalisation…

  • Control light (KL)
  • Monitoring signal (ÜS) 
  • Yellow light for monitoring signal
  • Tram signal

Street side signalisation

  • Reciprocating light
  • Light signal red/yellow
  • Flash light

In the area of LSA/VRA/BÜSTRA flex led can be exellent used for the independant two chanel control of traffic control lights (double red).


  • Based on industrial standards
  • First two channel LED electrical light signal
  • Life time > 15 years
  • High security due to fully two channel approach (up to SIL4 per light signal)
  • High availability
  • One channel or two channel control 
  • Fulfills highest requirements (Phantom light)
  • High energy efficiency
  • Optimal signal detection
  • Strong flash intensity
  • Dimmable
  • Fulfills DB requirements for track as well as street signaling
  • Automatic threshhold of low voltage
  • Maximal phantom light class 5
  • Complete maintenance free
  • Fulfulls EN12368
  • Developped based on EN50126 / EN50129
flex led - LED electrical light signal
flex led - LED electrical light signal


The LED setup was developped fully on a two channel base.

flex led- LED electrical light signal works with 4 Power LED (2 per channel), which have a very high light intensity. The LED electrical light signal uses two equal independant channels for light generation. The light generation and control is fully redundant.

The housing and the optic is used as traffic light system since years and is best practice.

The extraordinary design of the housing allows optimal heat removel and therefore a longer life time of the LED.

Technical data

  • Light field profile 200mm / 300mm
  • Colours Track side: white, yellow,
    Street side: red, yellow, green
  • Light density Based on EN12368 power level 2 class 2 (100 bis 1000 cd)
  • Phantom light > class 5 (fulfills even higher requirements for DB electrical light signals)
  • Environment temperature - 40° C bis +50°C (base 50125-3 climate class T1)
  • Degree of protection IP 65 equals EN60529
  • Electrical connection 2 wire (SIL3 control) / 4 wires (SIL4 control / 0.5 mm2
  • Life time > 15 years
  • Operation voltage 40VDC
  • Connection powerca. 200 mW

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