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With flex drive established mechanic was combined with most modern and highest reliable electronical engineering. The innovative, patented alternate closing mechanism with a physical energy storage (SuperCap-Modul) support a complete closing in the regular time range. The SuperCap-Modul optimizes the current flow by eliminating the network-related start-up peak at the engine start. This is very positive for the electrical power supply and the dimension of the UPS-unit. flex drive is available in two dimensions, different motor voltages and different speeds.

The sinus set of levers allow short opening and closing times with smooth operation to the final position and locks secure the barrier in both final positions.

Application area

The barrier machine is used at level crossings of each size, barrier length is up to 10 m.


  • Established, robust sinus set of levers
  • Innovative alternate closing function
  • Reliability and security due to simplicity
  • Cost efficient (based on industry standards)
  • Reduction of start-up current and of conductor profile due to integrated SuperCap module
  • 2 sizes for the requirement related barrie
  • Different speeds available (Standard 6s / 10s)
  • Different operation voltage available (alternate closing only at 24VDC)
  • Up to 30 cm water level permitted
  • No counterbalance needed for barrier up to a lenght of 8 m
  • Solidness against damages of barrier > 10‘000 Nm
  • Solidness against "press" of barrier (up to breaking of barrier)
  • Overload protection against "press"
  • Variable barrier fixation
  • Chassis can be opened in each position of the barrier
  • Fulfills environmental requirement of EN50125-3
  • Fully developped based on EN50126, EN 50129
flex drive barrier machine
flex drive barrier machine


The combination of established electric motor with sinus set of levers, without brakets or coupling, is a simple power unit with high reliability/availability. The sinus set of levers permit short opening and closing times with smooth flow in the final positions and locks secure the barrier in both final position.
Established industrial components guarantee a reliable usage. All components in the barrier housing are available at the maintenance door with removable cover. Control spring to lock barrier weight.

Technical data - Flex drive M2/M3

  • operation voltage24 VDC (Standard, incl. alternate closing),
    230 VAC, 400 VAC
  • Charge current out of Aktormodule flex control 0…2 A (24VDC)
  • Power consumption at dormant barrier
    (SuperCap module loaded) ~0 A
  • Barrier lenght max.
    (with counterbalance)
    M2: 8m
    M3: 10m
  • Barrier run-timeM2: 6s, 10s
    M3: 10s
  • Aperture angle 85° / 90° selectable
  • Weight without boom 240 kg
  • Width (Flange – Flange)560 mm
  • Barrier fixation Regtangle or round
  • Counterbalance optional, until up to 8 m not necessary
  • Alternate closing variances with and without alternate closing available
  • Basement SBB, DB, others possible
  • Electrical connector  d = 1.5 mm
    Interfaces supported
  • Temperature range outdoors

    [EN50125-3 climate class T1]
    –25 °C until +50 °C, wich can be extended
  • Degree of protection mechanic/control/energy storage IP 33/54/68
  • Life time≥ 20 years
  • Environmental requirements EN50125-3

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