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flex control is the centrepiece of the flex system platform. It has been especially designed in accordance to the altered and future oriented requirements of modern railway companies worldwide.

Across a broad area of applications and various configurationsof the flex product family, the systems still works on just one common, generic system platform which is very flexible in its functionality and freely scalable in its extend. The system is based almost entirely on standard industrial components with nearly no proprietary technologies. Therefore it not only manages but entirely eliminates the well known problem of obsolescence. Furthermore, one of the key characteristics of the flex-control is the focus on the “Total Cost of Ownership” while optimising the reliability and availability of the system.

flex control - level crossing control
flex control - level crossing control

Concept based on industrial standard components

The design of the flex control consists almost completely of standard components from the industrial automation industry. In order to achieve perfect RAMS-values, only high quality products with reliability certificates are used. The core-controller itself is an industrial component, and a well-proven fail-safe PLC used for this purpose. The intelligent concept of the LX control unit allows a high flexibility of the functionality and free scalability of the entire system in addition to the following advantages:

  • Oriented on long-time persistent industrial standards rather than depending on the short life cycles of specific
    products or technologies.
  • Very cost efficient design
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Very small demand of spare parts
  • Short supply time
  • Extremely little maintenance
flex control - control concept with industrial components
flex control - control concept with industrial components

Intelligent safety: the “Aktormodul”

The so-called “Aktormoduls” are the link between the safety PLC and controlled peripherals such as barriers and
traffic signals. The “Aktormoduls” actually define the safety and reliability of the entire system. In fact, only with the useof this key-component can fail-safe reliability be achieved in a LX using industrial components only.
The “Aktormoduls” show a completely redundant design and are optimised for reliability. This is the only componentin the entire flex control which is not an industrial standard component but has been especially developed by theexperienced engineers from Schweizer Electronic.

flex control - Aktormodul
flex control - Aktormodul

Most efficient power supply and UPS based on 24VDC

The entire flex control including the UPS runs on 24VDCand therefore allows very cost effective, scalable and
flexible solutions for the power supply and UPS. Even extraordinary long times of autonomy (up to days) can be
achieved very cost effectively. The specific concept of the UPS combined with automatic and permanent self-testing means preventive replacement of the batteries is not required. Compared to conventional LX-systems, the flex consumes about 10-20 times less power. Thus, and as the entire system already runs on 24VDC, the possibilities to use alternative power sources such as solar or wind power are improved.

Diagnostics and alarm concept

The flex life is a very powerful built-in diagnostic and alarm unit of the flex control. Extensive automatic self testing of the entire system and all its peripheral components allows a complete self diagnostic of the LX. Irregularities are detected immediately and indicated locally and remotely. All error messages are kept in easy to understand real text (no cryptic code) and identify cause and effect of the error directly. Error messages can be sent as SMS or Email using standard communication channels such as GSM / GSM-R / TCP-IP. The system is also prepared to exchange diagnostic information with superior diagnostic systems.

flex life - diagnose system
flex life - diagnose system

Setup Variations

As a standard setup, the flex control comes in a control cabinet that can be placed directly outdoors. Due to its
very compact design, the flex control can also be placed into a concrete housing or directly in the signalling house.

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