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Company policy

Services focused on customer needs

We implement safety by means of technology. In our core areas of secure radio transmission, occupational safety at railway construction and maintenance sites and in railway automation we maintain our market leadership, respectively continue to expand it. Both the company and its employees at all levels orient their thinking and acting towards the customer. We obligate ourselves to high ethical principles and upright business practices. Our customers  are industrial, transport, entertainment and service enterprises.

Attractive product range

With the methodical collection and expansion of specialist knowledge and the close connection to our customers we lay the best foundations for offering professional solutions. Economic aspects such as availability and reliability but also ecology already flow into our products during the development stage. Our systems and equipment therefore save costs throughout their lifecycle, are environmentally sound, state-of-the-art and meet market requirements.

Autonomous and economically successful corporate development

We trust in our values, our expertise and our future. We plan our goals with foresight and follow them with perseverance. We reveal our success and use means and insights for the long-term, positive and economically successful corporate development.

Dynamic organisation

We continuously improve our processes and services to meet the increasing demands of our customers for safety. The commitment to high quality services and products and our focus specialised on safety technology allow fast response to changing needs.

Safety-mindedness – as a matter of course

Many of our products and services are used to protect mankind and equipment. We are aware of the special responsibility as a company. We accommodate the increased demands by means of an adapted organisation, a process definition based on railway safety standards and clear responsibilities.

Esteeming behaviour

Respect and personal integrity determine how we interact with each other and our behaviour towards society and the environment. We create task-related, progressive employment conditions and take the safety and health of our employees into consideration.  Our environment is made safer through our mutual creative thinking and our discipline.

Long-term collaboration with partners

We place high quality demands on selected suppliers and seek a long-term, cooperative partnership with them. Conscious of our special responsibility as company with safety-related duties, we select our partners carefully according to defined selection and assessment criteria.

Motivated employees

We offer our carefully selected employees a motivating activity through open communication, advanced training and deployment according to their qualifications. We provide them with a modern working environment. The high degree of personal responsibility, together with a healthy professional pride, characterise our employees. 

Open, fast and active communication

We inform our stakeholders openly, quickly and actively.  According to the principle of ‘internal comes before external’, we first inform our employees and then our external partners. We respect the opinions of others, thereby promoting mutual understanding. 

Constantly high quality

We guarantee our customers a constantly high quality level. To achieve this, we standardise our processes and regularly check these with regard to our corporate objectives indentifying improvements we implent them as quickly as possible.